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Historic Duxford - The Second World War DVD (PAL)

RAF Duxford was the first home of the Spitfire. Its pilots fought in the skies over Dunkirk, and played a key role in the Battle of Britain in 1940. Duxford was home to the legendary Douglas Bader and his ‘Big Wing’, as well as secret units such as the Enemy Aircraft Flight. Then the fighters of the United States Army Air Force moved in. Their war was fought in the skies over occupied Europe, escorting huge bomber formations to their targets. So impressed were the Americans with their new home, they quickly dubbed Duxford the ‘Country Club of the ETO’.

In this DVD, Duxford’s Second World War veterans tell their own story in many never-before-seen interviews. Over thirty pilots, airmen, ground crew and WAAFs are featured. Rare archive footage of the station and modern material shot for the 1969 film The Battle of Britain provides an impressive backdrop to their accounts. Historic Duxford: the Second World War is the essential history of this Allied fighter station’s contribution to victory.

Cert E  90 minutes approx.

Historic Duxford - The Second World War DVD (PAL)
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