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Spitfire and The Battle of Britain (DVD)

Using unseen footage from the classic 1968 British feature film The Battle of Britain, this series tells the incredible true story of human spirit and the contest between the British and German forces as they fought for air superiority over England during the summer of 1940. This gripping DVD takes the viewer back to that terrifying time, to experience all of the decisive moments of the fighting as the valiant pilots from the Battle of Britain deliver first-hand accounts of their brave exploits.

Featuring interviews with surviving RAF and Luftwaffe pilots, illustrated by dramatic colour film footage of aerial combat, this series offers a uniquely unbiased and objective account of what has become a defining moment in history. It provides the viewer a unique insight into the fighting as the pilots who protected our shores from Nazi invasion recall the mightiest aerial battle in history which will resonate with new generations for years to come.

Cert E, 141 mins approx