DVD Called Women and Children at War
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Women And Children At War (DVD)

Fourteen wartime films from the Imperial War Museum's archives. Films looking at the vital contribution made to Britain's war efforts by women, as well as the experiences of evacuee children.
  • THEY KEEP THE WHEELS TURNING (1942) How women became garage mechanics to free up men for war service and to keep civilian vehicles running.
  • BRITANNIA IS A WOMAN (1940) A glorious celebration of women's contribution to the war effort, especially the WVS.
  • JANE BROWN CHANGES HER JOB (1942) A typist switches her job and ends up building Spitfires!
  • THEY ALSO SERVE (1940) Even the humble role of housewife is important, supporting her family as they make their contributions.
  • WESTWARD HO! (1940) A moving account of evacuee children being sent to safety in the West Country.
  • LIVING WITH STRANGERS (1941) A look at easing the social problems caused by evacuee families descending on small English villages.
  • VILLAGE SCHOOL (1940) A celebration of how the free English education system benefits both local and evacuee children.
  • NIGHT SHIFT (1942) The story of typical night shift at No11 Royal Ordnance Factory, Newport, producing guns for tanks.
  • WOMEN AT WAR (1941) A documentary intended for American audiences, showing the heroic contribution of British women to the war effort.
  • LADIES ONLY (1943) Produced by the Southern Railway Film Unit, women play a role on Britains wartime railways.
  • WVS (WOMENS VOLUNTARY SERVICES) (1941) A look at the many and varied contributions made by the women of the
  • WVS. WRNS (1941) This fictionalised documentary follows a Wren on her first posting and records her life in the Womens Royal Naval Service.
  • WILLING HANDS (1944) A fascinating account of the work of the WVS in the latter part of the war.
  • CANTEEN ON WHEELS (1941) A new girl joins a YMCA mobile canteen and helps both military and civilian personnel during the Blitz.
Running Time: 150 mins
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DVD Called Women and Children at War
Women And Children At War (DVD)
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